Aksi Slacktor (greenwormjuice) wrote in curvyhotfashion,
Aksi Slacktor

I've got a question.

I recently broke my most favorite sunglasses EVER. I don't know where to look to replace them, or even their frame title!
They look like this:

I apologize about the redness, the original pic was put through a color filter.

More pics below the cut (Not trying to be all "OMG! Look at me!" I just really want new glasses like this!)

I got them from Target around March last year (or within a month of that) and have NO idea where to look to get more, or even how to go about finding a replacement. If you know where I can get them / Have a pair you're willing to part with let me know! Mine were the greenish ones, but I'd be willing to buy alternate colours depending on their looks. Any info. you have, please share! <3
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